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Assemblymember Adam Gray turns in signatures of 2,500-plus voters to secure place on ballot

(Feb. 19, 2014) - - Assemblymember Adam Gray (D-Merced) today turned in over 2,500 signatures of voters in the 21st Assembly District to gain a spot on the June 2014 ballot. Gray turned in the 1,756 signatures to the Merced County Registrar of Voters’ office and another 791 signatures to the Stanislaus County Clerk Lee Lundrigan’s Modesto office.

“Collecting thousands of signatures is hard work, but there is no better way to learn what people are thinking about and staying in touch with the people we represent,” said Gray.  “It can be time consuming and humbling, but it is the best reminder possible about what the job of representation is all about. “

State law allows for the submittal of 1,500 signatures in lieu of paying a filing fee for people seeking office.   Most candidates for office simply pay the filing fee. Gray is the only Assembly candidate from this area in over ten years to complete this process.


Merced County supporters joined Assemblyman Adam Gray as he turned in in-lieu petitions to the Merced County Registrar of Voters.

Over 30 community leaders and supporters joined Gray at the Merced event.

Merced County Supervisor Jerry O'Banion joined with Gray in turning in the signatures for Merced County. “Assemblyman Gray helps us.  He doesn’t care what party you are or who you supported in the last election.  He stands up for our county, for the west side and even goes to bat for individuals who have issues with the state.  And he’s right on water.  That’s why I am here and that why I helped get signatures on the petitions,” said O'Banion.

Among those joining Gray in Merced was Los Banos Mayor Mike Villata, Greater Merced Chamber of Commerce Chairman Shawn Dwyer and Merced City Councilmen Josh Pedrozo and Kevin Blake. “Adam Gray is right for us in Merced.   He is from the valley and never forgets who he represents,” said Pedrozo.

Gray’s signatures were collected in neighborhoods, at group meetings, campuses, and community gatherings.     UC Merced Student Michael Lomio, who helped collect signatures at the campus said, “We like Adam.  He talks straight and always follows though.  That’s why he has such widespread support here.”


More than 25 community leaders and supporters joined Gray at the Modesto event.  

Among those attending were Stanislaus County Supervisors Vito Chiesa and Terry Withrow, Modesto City Schools Trustees Ruben Villalobos and Amy Neumann, Ceres City Councilmen Ken Lane and  labor leaders Billy Powell, Jeff Berdion and Gaylord Phillips.

Stanislaus County Supervisor Terry Withrow, left, and Vito Chiesa, right, joined Assemblyman Adam Gray at the Modesto event.

Ceres Mayor Chris Vierra called Gray, “Our guy in Sacramento. He’s good for Ceres and good for the valley.”

Doug Ridenour of the Modesto Police Officers Association, which has already endorsed Gray, commented that, “Gray knows that quality of life begins with personal security. That’s why we support him.”

Assemblymember Gray voiced strong appreciation for the signature gathering effort. “This process is invaluable.  Voters tell you how you are doing face to face, without spin or varnish.  It helps make me a better representative,” concluded Gray.



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