What Others Have To Say About Adam Gray

The Fresno Bee
“Speaker Atkins punishes Gray for trying to help Valley” – “It’s not easy being a ‘Valleycrat,’ as Assembly Member Adam Gray learned the hard way last week…Valleycrats often focus on pragmatic solutions to thorny problems and try to stick up for their constituents.” 
The Fresno Bee, Editorial, April 22, 2015
Dorothy Leland
“...I thank Gray for his work on behalf of UC Merced during the current legislative session. He recognized that our 2020 Project, which would enable the UC Merced campus to grow to 10,000 students and bring significant economic impact to our region would benefit from this technical changes and was instrumental in making that happen.”
Dorothy Leland, Chancellor, UC Merced, Letter to the Editor, Merced Sun-Star, July 16, 2015
Jack Mobley
“I support Assemblyman Gray’s efforts to help bring responsible solutions to our water problem. He was treated poorly by his party leadership because he stood up against the lobbyists and environmentalists who control the money to which both parties have become addicted.”

Jack Mobley, Letter to the Editor, Merced Sun-Star, April 22, 2015
Julie Griffiths
“We applaud Assemblyman Adam Gray’s efforts to stop ADA shakedown lawsuits against small businesses… To Gray’s efforts to introduce reform to a well-intentioned but flawed law, we say bravo!”
Julie Griffiths, Central Valley Director of California Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, Letter to the Editor, Modesto Bee, December 12, 2015
Colonel Lorna Griess
“Assemblyman Gray has shown that he is not afraid to tackle the difficult and important issues facing the tens of thousands of military professionals who chose to make California their home after their years of service.”
Colonel Lorna Griess, USA-Retired, Press Release, November 17, 2015
Terrance Withrow
“...I am expressing our sincere appreciation for your hard work, leadership, teamwork and commitment to finding a solution for the Negative Bailout situation that has plagued our community for decades.”
Stanislaus County Supervisor Terrance Withrow, Letter to Assm. Gray, September 14, 2015
Modesto Bee
“It took considerable political acumen for Gray, D-Merced, to push his Assembly Bill 1242 through its first successful committee vote last week… Gray orchestrated passage by helping committee members understand the very real impacts on very real people.”
The Modesto Bee, Editorial, April 17, 2015
Scott Siegel
“At the time, Assemblyman Adam Gray reached out to assure me he would work to either repeal or fix this flawed legislation.  I want to thank the assemblyman for being a man of his word and urge all of his constituents to support him in his efforts as a co-author of SB 799...”
Scott Siegel, Ed. D, Superintendent, Ceres Unified School District, Letter to the Editor, Modesto Bee, September 4, 2015
Pat Trieweiler
“I am writing to express my appreciation of Adam Gray’s efforts in fighting for Valley agriculture. He has paid a political price for his efforts, but has my respect for trying. And this comes from a conservative Republican.”
Pat Trieweiler, Letter to the Editor, Merced-Sun-Star, April 24, 2015
Kim Stone
“Adam is a fair minded and common sense leader. He understands the plight of businesses in his district who have been victims of extortionate ADA access lawsuits.”
Kim Stone, CJAC President, News Release, November 25, 2015
Jeffrey Frost
“...[Y]ou have been selected as the Legislator of the Year for 2015…We want to express our appreciation for your support of the school districts in the Central Valley and your willingness to find solutions to problems.
Jeffrey Frost, Central Valley Education Coalition, Letter, December 16, 2015
Sheriff Adam Christianson

"The California State Sheriffs Association, every major law enforcement organization, local and state firefighters, all join me in endorsing Adam Gray".
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Merced County Farm Bureau - Bob Giampaoli, President

"Assemblymember Gray has done a superb job of working on behalf of growers in Merced County. The fact that he was able to guide the water bond to passage to be placed on the ballot in November, provides huge opportunity for agriculture and the entire San Joaquin Valley."
Merced County Farm Bureau Endorsement Press Release Dated 10-1-14

Stanislaus Farm Bureau - Joey Gonsalves, President

"He's been there for farmers and the agriculture industry from day one. Adam works well with everyone. He is a problem solver who ignores partisanship to get the job done."
Stanislaus County Farm Bureau Endorsement Press Release Dated 8-20-14
FFA Adviser - Dave Gossman

"When California cut the funding for FFA it cut our kids hearts out"... "But when Assemblyman Adam Gray brought the kids to the state capitol to win that funding back he restored my faith in the (political) process. Assemblyman Gray taught the kids about standing up for themselves, standing up for what they believe in, and the value of being an active and involved citizen in our democracy"
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California State Sheriffs Association

"The Sheriffs appreciate your commitment to public safety and service to the citizens of California."
CA State Sheriffs Association Endorsement Letter Dated 9-19-14
Modesto Police Officers Association - Doug Ridenour Jr.

"You have established an impressive record in your first term. In addition to being a consistent vote in favor of law enforce
ment, you have been engaged and led many of the efforts to secure more law enforcement resources for communities in the valley."
Modesto Police Officers Association Endorsement Letter Dated 1-6-14

Councilmember Tom Faria - Los Banos

"I have been so impressed by the abilities of Assemblyman Adam Gray, D-Merced, and state Sen. Anthony Cannella, R-Ceres, to work for our local citizens in the true spirit of public service and bipartisanship that I am pleased to endorse them both for re-election."
Letter to the Editor - Los Banos Enterprise - 10-3-2014
Paul Wenger

"Adam Gray helped protect the funding for California's Future Farmers of America. Ag's future depends on educating ag's future farmers but without reliable water supplies those future farmers will inherit fallow fields. Adam Gray worked across party lines and teamed up with Senator Anthony Cannella to fight and win for the first time in decades improvements to our states outdated and aging water systems. Assemblyman Gray and Senator Cannella had to overcome Bay Area liberals and the Southern California interest to win for the valley. Adam Gray has won the Farm Bureau respect and support he deserves your vote for the Valley. The valley's assemblyman is Assemblyman Adam Gray.
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Merced Sun-Star

Endorsement: Adam Gray has been working hard, keep him on the job in the 21st Assembly.
"As we said, work remains and we want people like Gray around to do it."
Modesto Bee
"Adam Gray, who represents the 21st Assembly District, including Merced and parts of Stanislaus counties, is providing the kind of leadership our region needs"..."Adam Gray has been doing a good job; return him to the Assembly."
CA Small Business Association - Betty Jo Toccoli - President

"You have demonstrated your commitment and leadership to serving the small business community in your district and in this Great State of California. Your commitment to partnering with us in a small business advisory council enables us to keep you informed of issues important to your small business contingency as well as be a valuable resource."
CA Small Business Association Endorsement Letter Dated 8-22-14