About Adam

Adam Gray smilingBorn and raised in Merced, Assemblymember Adam Gray was first elected to the Assembly in 2012. While growing up in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, Adam learned common sense values like hard work and responsibility.  Adam attended Merced’s public schools and was a member of Golden Valley High School’s first graduating class.  Working his way through College, Adam attended Merced Community College and graduated from UC Santa Barbara.

Adam’s strong roots in the agricultural community began with his grandparents. His grandfather, Ernest Denault, established a local business, Merced Dairy Supply, serving the Valley’s growing dairy industry. The business continued to thrive under Adam’s father, Robert Gray. Adam’s first job at the dairy supply store was washing storage barrels and loading feed bags, an experience that helped him learn about the local economy from the ground up.

Inspired to serve his community, Adam returned home to work with then Assemblyman, now former Congressman, Dennis Cardoza, working to promote the Valley’s agricultural heritage and protect its economy. At the time, farmers were plagued with soaring energy prices, rolling blackouts, low rainfall and low-cost imports flooding the market. Adam helped exempt fuel and farm equipment from the state sales tax, otherwise known as the “Tractor Tax,” which encouraged farmers to upgrade their equipment and save jobs.

In his first year in the Assembly, Adam authored legislation to curb metal theft affecting our farmers in the Valley, streamlined the ability for our law enforcement agencies to attain arrest warrants and go after criminals, championed changes to the public education school funding so more money went to rural districts, and fought hard for jobs.  As the Modesto Bee said, “Gray campaigned as a moderate who would promote economic vitality for the Valley, watch out for agriculture and yet not ignore the environment. His role in SB 4 is a good example of achieving that balance.”  

Adam lives in Merced with his wife Cadee and their son.