About Adam

Adam was born and raised in Merced working at his grandfathers’ local business, Merced Dairy Supply. He attended public schools in Merced and was a member of Golden Valley High School’s first graduating class. He attended Merced Community College before furthering his education at UC Santa Barbara.

He returned to Merced to work with then Assemblymember, and former Congressman, Dennis Cardoza. At the time, farmers were plagued with soaring energy prices, rolling blackouts, low rainfall and low-cost imports flooding the market. Adam helped exempt fuel and farm equipment from the state sales tax, otherwise known as the “Tractor Tax,” which encouraged farmers to upgrade their equipment and save jobs. He also worked on legislation to provide tax incentives to small businesses, and to protect family farms from scrap metal theft. He also worked on legislation that provides tax credits to first-time homebuyers and protects homeowners against fraudulent loan modifications.

During his time in the State Assembly, Adam has consistently brought bipartisan interests together to improve the lives of his constituents in the Central Valley. He played a significant role in the construction of the 2014 Water Bond (Prop 1), advocating to maintain nearly $3 billion to construct new water storage to keep water prices affordable for Valley farmers and businesses.

Adam traveled throughout the Valley to bring awareness to California’s valuable FFA programs when funding was threatened. He delivered statewide resources when Le Grand’s water supplies were threatened and organized an effort to restore power to a disadvantaged neighborhood in Santa Nella when a fire destroyed their power source. He restored state funding to construct a new special education school in Merced when bureaucratic red tape jeopardized the project, and brought international attention to Merced and Stanislaus County as finalists for the multibillion dollar Tesla Motors “Giga-Factory.”

Adam has been recognized for his stance on firearms and has been named the California Rifle and Pistol Association’s “Legislator of the Year.” He is the first Assembly Democrat in nearly a decade to receive the award. The National Rifle and Pistol Association also gave Adam high marks for his work on behalf of gun owners.

Adam currently lives in Merced with his wife Cadee, and is excited to continue to represent the 21st District in the State Assembly.



• New Special Education School

After the recession jeopardized state funding for a new $2 million dollar special education facility in Merced, Adam organized a bipartisan coalition, including Republican Senator Anthony Cannella and Merced Superintendent of Public Schools Steve Gomes, to ensure state funding came through to build the new school.

• $2.7 Billion for Water Storage

Adam was a key negotiator to allocate $2.7 billion for the construction new water storage facilities in the 2014 Water Bond known as Prop 1. Rapid Response to Emergency Power Outage When a fire destroyed the power source for more than 30 homes in Santa Nella, Adam organized an effort with local electrical workers to have the necessary parts and labor donated to restore power.

• Le Grand Water Emergency

After Le Grand reported the failure the regions primary water wells, Adam secured funding to provide the necessary repairs to restore service.

• FFA Funding

Adam fought to maintain the state’s $4 million contribution to the California FFA. Adam has received continued thanks from FFA students and teachers across the 21st Assembly District for his role in preserving the funding.

• Central Valley School Funding

Adam supported the Local Control Funding Formula which increased the average school funding in Merced and Stanislaus County by 40% or more.

• ADA Litigation

Adam has organized a Local Working Group to protect small businesses owners from abusive ADA lawsuits.

• California Rifle and Pistol Association Outstanding Legislator of the Year

After receiving high marks from the National Rifle and Pistol Association, Adam was named the California Rifle and Pistol Association “Outstanding Legislator of the Year.” CRPA Executive Director John Fields said “Assemblymember Gray has gone above and beyond to protect gun owners and hunters, and that is why we are recognizing him for his many accomplishments in his continued defense of the Second Amendment.”

• Tesla Motors “Giga-Factory”

Adam brought international attention to Merced and Stanislaus County when he pushed for Tesla Motors to build a multibillion dollar “Giga-Factory” at 2 locations in Atwater and Patterson.

Electoral History:


Assemblymember Gray first assumed office in the California State Assembly in November 2012. He defeated his opponent by a margin of 58.2% - 41.8%. In the 2014 Primary Election, Assemblymember Gray received 95.3% of the vote.



AB 793 – Affordable Energy for Merced Irrigation District Customers

Adam passed legislation that ensures Merced Irrigation District customers can continue to receive affordable energy from New Exchequer Dam.

ACR 154 – Modesto City Schools’ World Geography World Religions Class

Adam stood up for the Sikh community by passing legislation to recognize Modesto City Schools' World Geography and Religions course for its effectiveness in reducing the bullying of Sikh children and other faith groups.

AB 1545 – Gun Owner Protection

Adam introduced legislation to provide law abiding gun owners with a path to register guns which were transferred without a licensed dealer. The bill allows gun owners to voluntarily declare their firearm for late registration to the DOJ without penalty.

AB 1004 and AB 2121 – Response to Requests from Law Enforcement

Adam introduced two different measures in response to requests from law enforcement agencies. This legislation expedited the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for a criminal not in custody and ensured paroled sex offenders do not circumvent the GPS monitor used by law enforcement to track their whereabouts.